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A chance to get organised for milestone birthdays early

If you are anything like me, you find the traditional January message of ‘new year – new you’ a bit much. Each to their own but going on tasteless diets and punitive new work out regimes does not appeal to me! So my plan is to be gentle with myself. This is the time to nourish not punish, and to ease into the year.

However, as the owner of a small business and a mum, I do use January for some much-needed
inventory, stock taking and planning. In these early weeks of the new year, I go over what worked
well last year and what needs tweaking, check that my business dates such as fairs don’t clash with
important family events and in general get ‘my ducks in a row’ (as much as this is possible in these
unprecedented times). Running a small business is a roller coaster ride at the best of times, but the
last couple of years have really been an adventure both in the best and worst sense of the word. So
being as organised as I can be, gives me peace of mind and space to breathe (as well as an
opportunity to break in my shiny new planner).

In order to help you getting organised for the year ahead I am offering a wee discount on my popular
sterling silver milestone bangles and necklaces. Have a big birthday coming up this year? Make sure
you don’t experience any last-minute gift panic and instead look forward to the celebration. There is
little as delicious as that slightly smug feeling of knowing you are all set. Leave the lycra and kale
brigade in the dust knowing that your list has been all ticked off! Happy New Year!

Jenny x