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Unique Jewellery: What Does Your Jewellery Style Say About You?

Jewellery Style

As individuals, we are all scanning constantly, taking in what we see to build up a bigger picture in order to understand the world and the people around us. The smallest details count, and the jewellery that you wear can make up part of a bigger picture that communicates who you are, your own unique style and taste.

With thousands and thousands of styles of types of jewellery to choose from, what you do choose, and decide to wear day-to-day says a lot about who you are. Discover what your jewellery style says about you here…

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Rose Gold and Simple DetailsUnique Jewellery

Delicate chains, pretty details and rosy pink tones are typically chosen by people that admire the beauty of the world, and have a romantic approach and outlook on life. Those that are drawn to rose gold jewellery are open and warm, and somewhat fearless when it comes to matters of the heart.

Bold Statement PiecesUnique Jewellery

Those that prefer chunky pieces of jewellery, or opt for one statement piece over several delicate pieces are more likely to be extroverted. A bold taste in jewellery suggests someone that isn’t afraid of drawing attention to themselves, or afraid of expressing who they are and their own unique sense of style.

Contemporary Simple DesignUnique Jewellery

If you find that you are drawn to simple shapes and styles, in classic materials such as silver or gold, it’s likely that you are confident in yourself, who you are and what you expect from life. In addition, you tend to be pretty upfront and prefer the simple things in life.

Mix and Match

Unique Jewellery

If you’re someone who likes to mix up the metals you wear, and find that you’re drawn to pieces that contain more than one metal, you tend to have an eclectic and unique style, and a positive and creative outlook on life. You’re happy wearing combinations that others might not consider, and have a carefree attitude that people find endearing.

Matching SetsUnique Jewellery

Quite the opposite to the above, you prefer jewellery in sets and tend to wear two or three matching pieces at a time. You’re organised and responsible, and favour a classic and timeless style. Others often envy how well put together you always look, as maintaining a neat and stylish appearance is important to you.

Which jewellery style is most like you? Comment and let us know!