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Metal and Stone Information

Our jewellery is predominantly made from sterling silver or fine silver which is hallmarked where legally required. Below is an explanation of some of the other terms used.

Rose/yellow gold vermeil

Sterling or fine silver when plated with gold is called vermeil. As the silver is only coated with gold, this finish may wear if the care instruction are not followed. It is possible to replate the gold finish, so if you need this service please get in touch.

Gold Fill

Gold fill is a thick layer of gold permanent bonded to a base metal such as brass. This is sometimes described as 12K and will not usually wear off under normal use. It is considered more hard wearing than standard gold plating.


The pearls used in Jenny Grace Jewellery are cultured freshwater pearls.Nowadays there are very few ‘natural’ pearls on the market and they command extremely high prices.

Cultured pearls are real pearls. They are made by a mollusk in response to an irritant. The mollusk deposits layers of nacre over the irritant and a pearl is formed. This can happen in freshwater or saltwater.

As pearls are a natural product, slight variation in shape and size is to be expected, along with small surface imperfections.

Pearls should be treated with care as perfumes, cosmetics and cleaning products will damage them. Remember to remove your jewellery before bed, bathing or showering, swimming and cleaning.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is known as the stone of love. Colours can vary from a medium pale pink to a very pale pink and different areas of transparency are to be expected. I try to match up stones for earring sets as best as possible but as they are a natural product, no two stones will be exactly the same.