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‘Tis the season to be merry ….

Here at JG we embrace every opportunity for a wee get together and we would think it rude to say no to a tipple at these gatherings. Christmas – of course – asks for bubbles and there is nothing wrong with a simple glass of Prosecco. But if you are hosting this season, how about ‘dressing’ the bubbly to match your favourite party dress? As lovers of cocktails, we have gathered the most delicious (and best looking) champagne cocktails to help you celebrate in style. That’s right folks – we are colour sorting your cocktails:
RED – Southern Belle (doesn’t the name just evoke images of heady parties?):
1 shot amaretto
1 shot apricot brandy
Pour amaretto and brandy into a flute glass, then add in bubbly to fill.
PINK – Scottish Raspberry Romance (because no one can say we don’t love our country):
1 shot Glenmorangie Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky
1 shot Chambord
Rose champagne/ sparking wine
Pour Glenmorangie and Chambord into a flute glass, then add in Rose Champagne to fill.
GREEN – Emerald Gem :
8oz Champagne/prosecco
1oz green creme de menthe
First put the Champagne into the glass, and then add in the shot of creme de menthe into the centre. It’ll swirl out in quite a gorgeous way! It’s only slightly minty in flavour.
GOLD – Orange Ginger Champagne (let’s embrace some classic winter flavours):
1 shot ginger liqueur
1 shot orange liqueur (Grand Marnier, Triple Sec, Cointreau, etc.)
Prosecco or Champagne
Put the shot of ginger liqueur into a Champagne flute. Next add in the orange liqueur of your choice. You can even splurge for the high end versions of Grand Marnier if you’re feeling extravagant. Then fill with Champagne or Prosecco. Prosecco will give you a sweet, light flavour, while Champagne will typically give you a more dry taste.
Both orange and ginger are known for their health benefits, so you can really say “to your health” with this cocktail!

So there you have it – a cocktail for every outfit. And be assured that some rigorous quality testing has taken place. Bottoms up everyone!